Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My Vacation Part 2

So I am very impressed by Laura’s reasoning skills. I was surprised that she figured out that I traveled to Belize over the holidays and climbed the high temple at Lamanai. It started pouring when we reached the temple so I had to climb it in the rain, but the view was well worth it.

By coincidence I even ended up wearing my Pitzer tee-shirt while climbing the ruins.
On top of climbing ruins (haha what a pun) I also did some fishing. Check out the three foot barracuda I caught. (The hand belongs to my Dad)

He was a nasty looking guy, but boy did he taste great.
The view was amazing while I ate him.
Overall it was am amazing vacation and got me ready to go through all that mail I showed you earlier this week. (And by the way, we are still going through it)

Since I am still shocked that someone figured out my last picture so quickly, I am going to add one final round of Where in the World is Cecil the Sagehen?

As you can probably tell, Cecil had to stay in Angel’s hotel room that day. It was a little bit cold for sagehens to be out, but I photoshopped him in for your pleasure. Can anyone guess where Angel and Cecil went for the holidays?


Laura R said...

Wow you guys went on amazing holidays! Belize looks lovely!

Okay so I couldn't resist trying to figure this picture out! I'm still not even sure! Is it Gulfoss Falls in Iceland?


Mattie Ross said...

WOW 2 for 2. Very inpressive Laura. How did you figure this one out?

Laura R said...

To be honest I got lucky! I had a gut feeling the picture was in Iceland so I started looking up waterfalls in Iceland. I came across numerous waterfalls and it was difficult to match the picture because they were all taken at different angles and most were during warm weather so there was no ice. I tried to figure out the structure of the landscape in the picture so that I could tell how it would look from other angles. I used the rock formation right before the waterfall as the distinguishing feature, which was ultimately how I figured it out.