Friday, March 25, 2011

FINALLY!!! Reading season is over and ADMIT packets are on the way!!!

After months of traveling and weeks of reading applications... the time has come! Committee is done and I can proudly say that I have successfully helped shape the future class of 2015!!!

Do you ever wonder what happens to that BIG BRIGHT ORANGE CONGRATULATIONS envelope the moment it leaves our office??? Well allow me to provide you with a quick explanation:

1. The admit packet is labeled (Alyshia is one of our Diversity Interns)

2. Fernando (our Graduate Admission Fellow) seals the envelope with lots of PZ LOVE!

3. Files are ready to leave the office.

4. Fernando poses once more with the admit packet!

5. Santiago (Associate Director) helps load the car with all the packets to be taken to the post office.

6. We (the counselors) drive to the Claremont Post Office to hand deliver the admit packets.

7. Arnaldo Rodriguez (VP of Admission & Financial Aid) helps load the mail cart.

8. And there you have it... the admit packets awaiting delivery.

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