Monday, April 25, 2011

PZ Admitted Student Day(s) RECAP!

Wow! What a crazy adventure these past two weeks have been! Our first Admitted Student Day was Friday, April 15. If that was not enough, the office of admission hosted about 25 students for our Spring Diversity Program from April 14 through the April 16. It was such an awesome series of events; from the airport pick-ups, to Santa Monica Beach, to a late night IN-N-OUT run.

Fast forward a week later... we were back at it again! The second and final Admitted Student Day, along with a second Spring Diversity Program (this one was much smaller and only occurred April 21-22). For the second Admitted Student Day, we had well over 300 guests!!! Now that has to be a record of some sort!

The entire admission and financial aide offices hope that YOU enjoyed your day at Pitzer while we rolled out "the orange carpet" for YOU and your families. REMEMBER... if you are planning on committing to Pitzer College, your commit cards AND deposits are to be post marked by MAY 2 (the 1 of May is on a Sunday).

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