Monday, March 10, 2014

Student Senate


Anna Pleskunas – North Kingstown, RI

 In the fall when I was seeking out ways to become involved on Pitzer’s campus it was a bit overwhelming to choose from the extensive clubs and organizations available. At the college I transferred from I had been on Student Government, so I was pretty sure this was something I wanted to stay involved with. During the first week of school I attended a meet and greet with Pitzer’s student senate, the students I met there were enthusiastic, friendly and eloquent. Pitzer Student Senate seemed like a great way to make friends, get involved, learn something new, and hopefully make a positive impact.

I was elected to senate as the Transfer Representative in the beginning of the fall semester. My role is to help address the concerns of this group of the student body, improve the conditions for future transfer student, as well as facilitate community.  I hold meetings, try to make myself accessible, and am currently in the process of planning a party for transfer students.  My experience working as the Transfer Representative so far has been positive, but a little frustrating. I think people often forget that I am a resource; sometimes my meetings are very poorly attended.  On the other hand however, this could point to the very positive fact that people don’t need me as a resource and are having no major issues.

Student Senate plays an integral role in facilitating student engagement on campus, student participation in college policy, and improving student’s overall experience at Pitzer.  The Senate is made up of over fifty students who serve on committees or as representatives.  At our weekly meetings we discuss and vote on a variety of things. For example, last week we discussed the prospect of Pitzer being a tobacco free campus and heard a club a request. Discussions are often very passionate and interesting, I usually leave meetings having learned something new or appreciating a new opinion. I love being part of Student Senate because it is both socially and intellectually stimulating, I have gotten to know the institution through it and feel like I have the ability to make a difference on Pitzer’s campus.

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