Thursday, October 2, 2008

Fun in the midwest

As you probably know, I double majored in Economics and Organizational Studies.  Most of you know what Economics is, but I bet is lot of you haven't heard of OS before.  OS is a major that combines Economics, Political Studies, Sociology and Psychology.  It is a great interdisciplinary major and studies how people interact in groups, whether it is in a fortune 500 company or a non-profit.  It is really cool, since you can apply the concepts as soon as you have learned them, since everyone has been part of an organization before.  A lot of the courses I took had to do with jobs and career paths and they led me to the conclusion that no matter what job you are doing, it is important that you are always learning something new.

Just to prove how great being an Admission Counselor is, my job taught me two new things on Mon.  

1.  Rain storms can show up out of nowhere in St. Louis 

and 2. Bringing an umbrella and jacket only help if you don't leave them in the hotel :)   Isn't it great what you learn on the road. I got a little wet, but it was still warm and I didn't have too far to run to get back to my car.  

Now don't get me wrong.  I am used to being in rainier environments, but it is a true sign that I am a California native, since I always get confused when water randomly starts falling from the sky.  I am proud to say, though, that despite the fact that my home town of San Diego gets next to no rainfall, I at least know how to drive in the rain.

From St. Louis I traveled to Ann Arbor where I ate at Zingerman's Deli, which is rated the best delicatessen outside of NY City.  It truly lived up to its reputation.  I was even given a coupon for a free loaf of bread and got an amazing Challah loaf.  Unfortunately this put my number of carry ons up to three and I had to check my other bag.  This should be a good indication of how good the bread was, since I was willing to check a bag to keep my bread and I always try to travel light. Checking this bag made me a little nervous, since I had to fly through Atlanta to get to Minneapolis and I didn’t get in until 10.  So the last thing I wanted to do was deal with finding my bag on top of getting my rental car and driving to the hotel.  But everything turned out great.  I guess I had done something right and had some good karma on my side, since my bag was the 2nd one off the plane.  

I do have to quickly say that the DTW airport kinda scared me a bit.  They have a really cool fountain and some cool art, 

but the underpass to get to the other terminals was a little bit much for me.

I figured I should leave you with a fun picture.  Hopefully this isn’t stealing too much from John Stewart, but now for your moment of zen.

If you can't tell, Cecil also enjoyed lunch

A  quick reminder the registration is now online for our diversity program, Nov 6-8, and our Preview Pitzer Day, Nov 7 and 14.  The diversity information can be found at,  and the on campus day information at,   Take advantage of these great opportunities to visit campus and see what Pitzer is like.


Anonymous said...

What's up Danny, I just got an email from Pitzer about this blog. I'm from Chicago too!

gina magnuson said...

Zingerman's...mmm. Cecil has good taste!

Anonymous said...

OMG! I also stopped at that airport on my way home to Cali from Pennsylvania. The tunnel has lights dancing to the music. I thought it was cool.

Abby Kramer said...

hey danny, I just got an email too about this blog, thought I'd check it out. I'll be at the open house on Nov 14, hope to meet you then!

Unknown said...

Hey Danny,

I just read my e-mail and was so excited to see that there is an admissions blog!!

I thought I'd let you know that it randomly started raining in San Diego on Saturday! It was incredibly random... and I'll also admit I was slightly confused when I started to feel water falling on my face! And then of course I was wearing my flip flops so I started slipping with every step I took.

I can't wait to read more!

Becky Rudin

Unknown said...

Hey Danny,
I'm so excited that you have this awesome blog.
I love all of the pictures of Cecil! :)

Neal Kelley said...

I live in Ann Arbor! Zingerman's is awesome.

Janelle Alexander said...

Uh oh... I'm getting more competition!!!


Unknown said...

Hi Danny,
I like that you have a sense of humor and that you don't depress us about the admissions process. Anway, Arnaldo Rodriguez recently visited my school, Windward, for an information session and I really love Pitzer. Can you email me more information on the Organization Studies major and what careers you can have with it? I would really appreciate it.
Thank you!

Unknown said...

Just in case it doesnt say, the email for the comment above is
Also, I am a different Jennifer than the one before.

eastonkirsten said...

Hi Danny,
I had never heard of OS as a major before, but that sounds incredible and I will most definitely look into that.

Mattie Ross said...

Hi all!

I am glad to see that you are all enjoying my blog. I am having a lot of fun writing it and will be posting more frequently in the upcoming weeks.

Please feel free to make a post in the comments section if there is something you want me to address in a later post.

To answer Jennifer's question, you can really use OS in any career. The majority of the coursework can be applied to most organizations on the surface level. If you can think outside the box, I would say it can be used in depth in every career.

Being an Admission Counselor actually calls on much of what I learned as an OS major.

I am already taking a lot of space in the comments section, so if you want to hear more specific details just shoot me an email

Donna Zinser said...

Hey Danny. Even though our offices are next to each other, I thought I would post to the blog! I love Zingerman's. Got to go there when I was in Ann Arbor with a friend. Those of us who take care of the office while you travel, like Lydia and I, are envious of the great places you get to eat.