Saturday, December 6, 2008

Haiku Contest

You have waited for one whole week.

Now the eagerly anticipated Haiku Contest begins.

Today we have four haikus for you, written by Angel, Justin, Jasmin and myself. Each haiku is posted anonymously. It is your job to vote for your favorite. Anyone who votes will get a point for our Where in the World is Cecil the Sagehen competition (and the competition ends at the end of December so now is the time to get your points in and win your very own Cecil).

You can also win two extra bonus point if you can correctly match each haiku to the counselor that wrote it. And I will give you another point if you can include a haiku in your answer.

Haiku #1

Organic Garden

Grassy Mounds, Murals, Fountains

Think Pitzer, Think you

Haiku #2

The Sagehen flies free

Pitzer is the place to be

Come and you will see

Haiku #3

Pitzer’s old Grove House

Full of cookies and coffee

Meet me after class.

Haiku #4

Pitzer changes world

With an eye on the future

You too can thrive here

They are in a random order, but vote for me! Votes will be tallied next Fri, December 12th. So be sure to check back.


Mattie Ross said...

Please post your comments in this format

Favorite Haiku: (Haiku #)

Haiku 1: (counselor name)
Haiku 2: (counselor name)
Haiku 3: (counselor name)
Haiku 4: (counselor name)

(Then any extra comments below)

Thanks and have fun.

Jonathan Rice said...

Favorite Haiku: #3

Haiku 1: Justin
Haiku 2: Danny
Haiku 3: Jasmin
Haiku 4: Angel

So I completely guessed on the matching...

Excellent effort everyone! Haiku #3 was my favorite because of the all-around zen feel. However, Haiku #1 came in a close second.

Good luck in the voting!

And, inspired by CNN's Situation Room, my attempt at a Haiku:

News live from the District
Graphics and music impress
It does not feel real.

Jacey said...

Favorite Haiku: Haiku #1

Haiku 1: Jasmine
Haiku 2: Danny
Haiku 3: Justin
Haiku 4: Angel

An education
of art, dance, music, and thought
breeds the culture sought

Micaela Danko said...
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Micaela Danko said...

Favorite: Haiku #3 (love the Grove House)

Haiku 1: Angel
Haiku 2: Danny
Haiku 3: Jasmin
Haiku 4: Justin

warming aromas
so bitter, dark, and steaming
coffee awakens

Laura R said...

Favourite Haiku: #4

Haiku 1: Jasmin
Haiku 2: Danny
Haiku 3: Angel
Haiku 4: Justin

I really liked all your haikus - but I think number 4 epitomizes why I love Pitzer! Everywhere I turned during my visit I saw students doing something to make a difference - from a bone marrow drive to replanting the garden with native plants that require less water. Not to say that I didn't love the Grove House too!

Ice-cream van replaced
By UPS truck, filling
Metal crystal balls.

I think that sums up the waiting process! I have never checked my mailbox as frequently as now - waiting for college admissions letters!