Thursday, November 21, 2013

Choosing from across the sea

Ciera Fleming – Kapolei, Hawaii

During my senior year of high school I was constantly going to information sessions for the colleges that visited my school, but Pitzer’s stood out the most. Being from Hawaii, I had never heard of Pitzer until the morning before the information session when my college counselor told me that it would be a great fit for me. I was hesitant to add another college to my long list but I quickly fell in love with the core values that matched many of my own, and I knew that I had to apply.

Once it finally came down to making a decision, I was between two very different schools: Pitzer and a school on the east coast. So I decided to attend Pitzer’s admitted students day to make my final decision. I remember walking into the dining hall for dinner, nervous as I walked through a sea of unknown people. But as I sat with a group of other prospective students, a Pitzer senior that was not a part of the program sat down with us to answer any questions that we had. Every person that I met was so excited to tell me about their Pitzer experience and everything they loved about it. I had never experienced so much kindness and warmth at any other school that I had been too and I knew I would probably not find such a unique environment anywhere else. I loved the weather, the food and most of all the people. I could tell right away that everyone was just happy to be at Pitzer and I knew that I had finally found where I fit.

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