Thursday, October 31, 2013

My Year Abroad in England

Kara Rubenstein- Los Angeles, CA

Even as a middle school student, studying abroad was always in my mind as something that I wanted to do in college. In that sense, there was no place better suited for my desire than Pitzer. I began looking into programs as a freshman and seeing where I wanted to go and whom I could talk to about each of the programs I was interested - there were too many to choose from! Eventually, although my dream had always been to study in Paris for a year, I chose to study at the University of Essex in England for an entire academic year. Studying in England meant that I could be a student in a totally different setting for an entire year without worrying about graduating on time or missing any requirements because all my classes abroad were approved by my advisors as classes that could fulfill my graduation requirements. Pitzer gave me the ability to do something that I had been dreaming of for as long as I could remember without making it a stress or strain on my college experience, it was simply another stepping stone in my path towards graduation and having the perfect college experience.

Study abroad is one of those experiences that you can treasure forever, thus picking the right program is essential. Whether you're interested in climbing Mount Everest in Nepal, exploring the beaches of Costa Rica, wandering the streets of Morocco, or seeing the countryside in England, Pitzer provides gateways to all the places that could be imagined and if it's not on the list, it's still an option. The endless choices allow for students to really delve into what it is they want to gain from studying abroad and focusing in on the various experiences that the programs and exchanges offer. There is the initial decision between the six Pitzer Programs or over forty International Exchanges. The six Pitzer Programs are Nepal, Costa Rica, Ecuador, China, Italy, and Botswana. In addition to those six programs, students can also choose from over forty International Exchanges including multiple programs in England, Spain, Italy, France, Morocco, Sweden, Netherlands, Argentina, Brazil, Germany, and more. Beyond that, there are even Pitzer Domestic Exchanges with colleges within the United States including Colby College, Hampshire College, and Sarah Lawrence College.

Studying abroad at Pitzer is much more common than at other colleges. This means that Pitzer is better equipped and probably more understanding of what the students are hoping to gain from their experience and it is also understood that studying abroad can be just as important in one's college experience as taking core requirements, trying every eatery on campus, or any other essential college experience. By recognizing the importance of studying abroad, Pitzer has created an incredible collection of programs that offer students everything they can in order to build an unforgettable experience.

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