Tuesday, October 1, 2013

What International Students Should Know About Pitzer...

Natasha Cheng – Hong Kong

Coming from another country, you will always have some sort of a culture shock. You might get overwhelmed for the first few weeks. Don’t worry though, here are some tips:
 Go to the International Place orientation before school starts. International Place is a 7C resource center especially for International students. It’s a great way to meet other international students, you might find someone that is from your country too! They will be hosting a bunch of other events that are awesome throughout the year, especially those that are food related! (yumm!!) On school holidays, they organize trips to areas around us. For example, last spring, they did a trip to the Grand Canyon in Arizona! They are just fabulous people.

There are a lot more people that are here to help and support you through your transition into college. Your mentors and RAs are especially here to help you. They are trained to be there for you. Utilize them! Also, go to your professor’s office hours. They love it when you go to them and talk to them!

Go to events, get yourself out of your room. There will be events going on every day, especially the first few weeks of school. Pick the ones you are interested in and pick some that you may not know anything about. You might discover new interests and you will definitely learn something new.

Introduce yourself to every person you see. You will not remember their name and they might forget yours too but just do it. Remind your name every time you see them and it won’t be long until a lot of people know your name.

Set challenges and goals for yourself. Step out of your comfort zone. College is the time to try new things, just go for it.

If you don’t understand the slang language that some students use here and you are too afraid to ask, look it up on urbandictionary.com, and you will be cool and hip just like us! Lol.

Remember, ASK if you don’t understand something. There is never harm asking. A lot of things here are different from what you may be use to at home so it’s better for you to ask before you embarrass yourself.

That’s all for now. Peace.

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