Tuesday, October 1, 2013

My Interview Experience!


Abby Barnstone – Newton, MA

I first visited Pitzer College the summer going into my senior year of high school.  I flew all the way out from Boston for an interview, info session, and tour.   The second I got off the airplane I realized that I should have listened to my germaphobic mom, who constantly nags me to take airborn before entering the airplane… because I was sniffeling all over the place. I really wanted visit Pitzer and show my commitment to the school, but I also didn’t want to be that girl who was blowing her nose all over everybody.  So between each section of the visiting process I went into a coffee shop bathroom and “nettipotted” my nose, to create the optical illusion that I was completely healthy.

This worked for about 5 minutes into my interview… and then the sniffle attack came to conquer.  Inside I was panicking; I thought my interviewer would be scared of me and my cooties.  But then the warrior inside of me spoke and said, “listen little lady, you have flown your little tush all the way from Boston to show this place that you are the bomb, now you show them!” So I turned to my interview and gave him the low down, “Listen I am so sorry, but I flew all the way out from Boston to come to this school and interview, I have a cold, but I really care about coming here and I really want to talk with you, I hope you understand.” And of course he did, because…despite common thought that admission counselors are messengers from the supernatural world… he is a human too… and gets sick sometimes too. 

As one may guess this whole situation worked out for me.  Good thing because Pitzer was the only school I fell in love with.  Good thing it decided to give me a chance.  As Dr. Seuss once said:

Thanks for completing my quirks, Pitzer!

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